Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sometimes my Kid Won't Eat

And it drives me BONKERS!  I feel like, ya know...he needs to eat to live and stuff!!  And then at the same time it infuriates the frugal side of me because I feel like I waste so much food.  Argh.  Esther eats better than Zachary on a daily basis.  Yet daycare says he is a great eater.  Perhaps its the group thing?  I don't know, I am totally clueless on this one but keep finding in reading that this is pretty normal and its what they take in over a week that matters and not by one meal.  

Tonight was just one of the frustrating meal nights.  Yelling at the fridge (him, not me, just to clarify, LOL), me opening the fridge and playing 20 questions to see WHAT it is exactly that he wants, him picking out objects, me preparing them, and him not eating them....AHHHH!!!!  I finally cave after he eats half a pudding cup and about 3 blueberries.  Tonight not even his favorite fruit sounded good apparently.  Drats!  It about brought me to tears which I know, sounds ridiculous and then his cute face looked at me all concerned so I got over it.  

Lots of really serious issues going on in the lives of my loved ones....family, friends, friends' family and I think that is what I was more upset about cause Lord knows if all I have to deal with is a night of not eating, I am very thankful for that.  Please keep in your prayers my cousin Courtney, some of my real and cyber friends who are battling IF valiantly, and friends who are also dealing with illnesses in their families.  Life is too short so make sure you tell those you love that you really do!

Love to all of you out there!! 


  1. Check out wholesometoddlerfood.com it has great info about the eating habits of toddlers. A big thing that strikes me is that if he is eating really well at daycare maybe he's just not hungry, most toddlers eat 1 maybe 2 'good' meals a day. I find with the twinnies if they eat good at lunch then they don't eat well at dinner and vice versa. SO frustrating!!

  2. "And then at the same time it infuriates the frugal side of me because I fefel like I waste so much food." YES! I was totally not prepared to feel that way. But I just bought a six pack of Yo Baby yogurt because they were out of his usual kind... and he hates it. Nope, nothing but the "usual" kind will do. The entire thing, wasted. Serves me right for thinking he'd be flexible. Ha.

  3. Oops, try "feel" instead of "fefel." It's getting late. :)

  4. We're still living in this phase. And I feel so guilty when they tell me they're hungry and I tell them that they can't have anything to eat because they chose not to eat their dinner. But, come on, it is ridiculous for them to shun a perfectly good dinner and then want a "snack" just before bed. Now, if they had eaten their dinner and they were still hungry, I would most definitely feed them. Am I a horrible mom for this?

  5. mary- i am definitely checking out that site! and i like the 1-2 "good meals" idea...that will help me ease up on myself! :)

    C-atleast Bean will eat it most of the time! LOL! that is funny he knows that he is flavor picky! ;-)

    theresa- i cannot WAIT until Zach can at least tell me whether the issue is if he is even hungry or not! right now, i have no clue if its just what im serving or something else! and IF=infertility.


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