Tuesday, May 26, 2009

too tired

I am still so pooped from the weekend that my creative juices are not flowing at all! we had a great time at our annual Beach Bash and I will eventually post some pics of the Z Man from there but not quite yet.

The countdown is on for the big ultrasound next week. Monday is the big day and I am anxious to know what this critter is so I can start shopping and planning! I have no idea either way, I really don't. How about you? Any gut feelings?

OK, i will type more tomorrow when I am mot so tired!


  1. Oh my goodness. I'm so exhausted and sore. I'm wearing beer pong war wounds. As for the critter - I think it's a girl!

  2. How are you halfway through already, time is flying by!

    I have my money on a little brother for Zach!

  3. i gave up pn guessing. i hope its a boy or a girl!!

  4. I want you to have a girl, but I am thinking it's a boy.


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