Sunday, May 17, 2009

15 months, 18 weeks, and 2 days!

Zachary turned 15 months last Monday and we are going for our check up tomorrow! (thanks to Amy since I didn't think we needed to go back until 18 months!)  I think we have to get some shots and just discuss how Z Man is doing these days.  I am sure the lack of words will come up but I honestly am not too worried about it yet.  He babbles a lot and follows some commands so I believe he comprehends, just may be a slow talker! (My fav is I ask him to help me make the bed and he brings me all the pillows, too cute!)  Other than that, hopefully it is just another appointment! :) 

And this is me....18 weeks!  My 1st "belly shot".  Poor little peanut, I was taking pics of my belly with Z before there was even anything to see!  And now the countdown is on...2 weeks until we find out what this baby is!  Any guesses?

My mom's Birthday was today and she and my dad came over to spend the day with us.  We had some yummy Macaroni Grille for lunch!  DELISH!  We had a good afternoon and I am so thankful to have such great parents!  Great parents who will be watching the Z Man this weekend for us!
And only 2 work days this week, WOOHOO!  I am looking forward to our annual Beach weekend.  We are headed to a different beach this year since Hurricane Ike wiped out Crystal Beach but I hope we may be back there again one day!  We are also doing a kiddo day this year!  Usually it is adults only but we have the house a day early so Thursday night/Friday afternoon is FAMILY FUN time!  So we will enjoy the time with Z and then head back to h-town Friday afternoon to drop Zach off at my parents.  Being preggo at the beach weekend will be a little different but others have done it before so I am sure I can handle it too.

Oh, and Operation Low Intercom is going well.  I am sleeping better and I guess Zach is sleeping okay too.  He is still waking up at 6:30-7am every day but I suppose we just have an early riser.  Now if only I could get comfortable at night....then we would really be set! 


  1. Love the belly shot. My guess is a girl!

  2. I'm with Teresa, a girl! You'll have an adorable little Mini Lisa, I think. :)

  3. Oh, and I can't wait to hear all about the beach weekend!!!


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