Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On Brooooadway

Not sure why but I have been totally diggin the Broadway channel on XM lately. I cannot sing very well but somehow I think I missed my calling ;-) And there are so many more shows out there I have yet to see!

This year mom and I decided not to renew our Season Tickets to the Broadway Series. While I am very bummed about losing our fabulous seats (front row center mezzainine).....their season just was not that great this year and the only show I REALLY wanted to see is Mary Poppins which I probably wouldn't even be able to because I will have a newborn baby at home! TUTS season is much better, but again, the whole newborn at home thing kinda makes it out the question this year. A lot of money to pay for something that I am not sure I would be able to use all of. There are some shows I really want to see though so I hope I can make a few of them at least!!!

And speaking of Broadway...I heard today on the channel that they are making a sequel to The Phantom! Wow, I cannot imagine!

Anyway, think I will download a bunch of tunes onto my iPod so I can continue to enjoy the music any time I want!!


  1. I heard that too, about The Phantom. I can't imagine what that's going to be like! Looking forward to it.

    I am still dying to see Wicked, that's one of my favorite books ever. It's so hard to get out with no babysitter, though!

  2. Wow, I'd love to see a sequel to the Phantom. Oh, and wicked is supposed to be great! I missed it when it was in town.

  3. Wicked was very good....but I think it was SO hyped up to me that when I saw it, it wasn't all that I had imagined it to be. But still very good.

    I love the classics...like West Side Story, South pacific, bye bye birdie, grease, Phantom, Le Mis, Chicago, Sound of Music.....
    but then I love some of the new ones like Lion King, Mamma Mia, rent, Jersey Boys, HairSpray, Miss Saigon, Legally Blonde...

    Oh I could go on and on!!

    C-move to Houston! I will watch Bean so you can go out to a show! :)

  4. I completely understand! You should hear me belting away with my musicals in the car! If you ever need any of the music, let me know - I have LOTS! :) Love Wicked - but its not the same as the book. I wish Austin had as many options as Houston...we're getting better though! :)


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