Friday, May 8, 2009

raising a nudist??

Well I think a lot of babies/kiddos just love to be naked....but do they DESPISE putting on clothes and diapers like mine does? It is a constant horrible battle most mornings. You would think he was in some sort of HORRIBLE pain by the amount of shrieking that can go on sometimes just to change a diaper and put on clothes. And like Monica from Friends, he is freakishly strong! How a 25lb, 3 foot tall child can exercise so much force in his legs and body I have NO idea! He locks his legs and I can barely move them. Craziness!

Is this just a phase or do we really have a child who has an aversion to clothing? ;-)


  1. Funny! I have no suggestions for this one! Those kids are freakishly strong!

  2. not sure when the phase ends but mine are still taking off all clothes and diapers as of this morning still :) They love roaming around the backyard naked or in their undies :)

  3. try changing him in front of the tv :).

  4. Bean loves being nakey, too. :) But he does just fine wearing clothes, he even helps me get his arms in! Maybe Z just has his own sense of style and wants to pick out his own clothes. ;)

  5. we have the opposite problem, drew hates being nakey which makes clothes changing time equally as difficult. he even doesn't like short sleeves and shorts which is gonna be an issue with summer coming. i just try to talk him through it and do it as fast as i can.

    silly kids with minds of their own!

  6. We have gotten to the point with C that we give her the paci during changes so she will sit still. It's craziness! I get updates from daycare that if her shirts are loose, she will take them off!


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