Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick Takes Friday-July 20th

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--- 1 ---
I recently made a switch in diapers in order to start saving a few $$. I have always been a bit leery of cheaper diapers after I bought a package and the boy peed through them every single time. So I am a pampers swaddlers girl from NB to 2 and then Huggies Lil Movers from there on. Two of my girlfriends suggested I try LUVS which are more than half the price. I bought a box, and have been pleasantly surprised! No leaks and they smell really good too! woohoo!

--- 2 ---
I can't believe my oldest is going to be starting Kindergarten in about 6 weeks. All of a sudden, he just LOOKS bigger to me. We spent yesterday flipping through a Land's End catalog looking at clothes for school and backpacks. I am going to have a school aged kid. Not sure I can even comprehend that yet.

--- 3 ---

My middle one has been feeling a bit stuck in the middle lately. He wants so much to be a big kid like his brother and yet he is still a little guy too. I think Zach going to Kinder next year is going to be hard on him because he wants nothing more to do and be everything like big brother. Anyone have tips on how to deal with the sibling separation?

--- 4 ---

The youngest is on the verge of walking. Both the other boys walked at 10 and 11 months respectively. He is standing on his own, walking behind and pushing everything but just not quite ready to take those steps on his own. Which is okay with me for now, I am enjoying every moment of him being little still. Or at least I would like for him to wait another week when I am at home so I can see him do it! :)

--- 5 ---

I am so excited about taking a road trip to Dallas in a few weeks. All my family lives up there but with seems I can only ever get away for quick trips to see them and miss seeing other friends too. So while we are still off for the summer, I am taking the 3 boys for a trip to go see everyone! We are going to stay with my good friend, Becky and my god-daughter for a night or so and finally see their new house. I am going to have dinner with JackAsh and meet their sweet baby girl. And of course see my family and anyone else who wants to see the crazy Wittliff clan! These are the types of things I am looking forward to doing while not working!

--- 6 ---

My weight loss efforts have severely stalled over the summer. Time to get focused...AGAIN. I am doing better at getting back into regular running and still doing boot camp, but I have got to get the eating back under control. I have tried a few new recipes these past couple weeks and need to put up some posts on those. They were healthy and tasty and something new in the rotation is ALWAYS good!

--- 7 ---

I am single-momming it for the next 2 days while the hubs enjoys a well-deserved guys trip. I have mad respect for single moms. The boys were pretty good last night actually but after a long day at work, it is definitely tiring doing it all on your own. They were super cuddly though and we enjoyed watching some Curious George together after the little guy went down. Looking forward to our pizza night tonight and daddy being home tomorrow!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! I hope to sneak out and take the big boys to see Turbo. Zachary had been counting down to July 17th when it came out for weeks!

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