Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday-Back at blogging and happy 4th!

--- 1 ---

While enjoying a lovely day at my parents' neighborhood 4th of July friend told me she missed my blogging.  So here is my attempt to jump back into it!  We had a great day with friends and family enjoying the parade, park, slip n slide, pool, and cake walk!  Everyone won at least once except for Mark who was finally consoled with a cookie from his brother's loot.  We also learned from Miss Kate that Matt is "really really funny".  :)  Wish I had taken more pictures because all the kiddos got along really well and it was super duper sweet.

--- 2 ---

It was a very big week in the Wittliff household.  After nearly 9 years at BG, I gave my notice on Tuesday to stay home with the boys full time.  It is going to be a HUGE change in our household, but one that has been prayerfully considered for the past few years and especially since I have been back to work since Luke was born.  I am nervous and anxious and totally excited.  I will be sad to lose Maria, our nanny, as she has been such a blessing to our family these past 3 years but so happy to have more time with the boys.  And not be on call on the weekends, have a 2 hour/day commute, etc.  Looking forward to what's ahead!
--- 3 ---

Matt and I are signed up again for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon in January.  Since doing boot camp for the last few months I have not been running like I was.  Time to start getting some regular miles in and training done!  Hoping to finish a little faster then my postpartum time from last year!
--- 4 ---

Our middle child is becoming a bit of a streaker.  He has no problem with taking his pants off anytime and anywhere to go to the bathroom or change his outfit for whatever reason. It  is slightly funny but also slightly terrible.  We need to work on this.  And then laugh that he is going to be a great frat boy one day.

--- 5 ---

Lukey had his 9 month check up on Wednesday.  My dad came and watched the older boys so I could take him on his own.  He loves his one on one time with mommy and is just the sweetest and friendliest little dude.  The Doc even commented on how social he was for this age.  He is in the 86th percentile for weight at almost 24lbs and 98% with height.  Gotta be a big guy to put up with his brothers!  It was also so liberating leaving the office and making up follow up appointments and knowing I could pretty much schedule them any time and any day that I wanted!

--- 6 ---
Headed to our friends, the Creller's, annual 4th party tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing some of Matt's crew that live on the other side of town that we don't get to see that often.  And their new house.  I haven't been able to go the last 2 years due to either being on call or being preggo and not up for it.  Tomorrow I will be neither of those so it should be a good time for the whole family!
--- 7 ---

It's FRIDAY!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend ahead!
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  1. Yay! You're back! So happy to read your updates, and congrats on your decision to stay home with your boys! It will be a wonderful experience and is totally worth it!!


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