Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend recap

Finally went running this weekend. Besides the 5k I did a couple months ago and the short run I did on our girls weekend...I have barely ran since I have been doing boot camp. I occasionally run at lunch on the treadmill but that's nothing like being outside. Since we won the lotto to be able to run the big Houston half in January, I know I need to start logging some miles before I really start to train. It was hot as heck but I decided to just run and see what happened.  I didn't check my distance or pace once...and happily clocked in just shy of 4miles. If the midday sun hadn't been pouring down...I think I could have gone longer. Hello running...I have missed you!

My parents watched Luke so we coulda take the big boys to the movies.  It was the first time for us to try taking mark again since the last time when we went to see Shipwrecked...mark and I spent 90%of the movie hanging in the lobby. The boys enjoyed it and we didn't even have to take any potty breaks! Looks like we are ready to take on the rest of the summer movies! :)

We also spent a fun Saturday at a pool party with friends.  I was too busy with kids in the pool to take any pictures but we all had a great time and boys slept well Saturday night!

I'm trying to figure out a way to get it off my phone too...but to tonight I took videos of the boys telling their bedtime stories. You can't see anything in the videos since they are in the dark before bed, but on, they are funny and their little voices so very sweet. If your kids love to tell stories, get em on tape some time. Priceless!

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