Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Takes Friday- Sept 5th

Well here we are again. Attempting to update the old blog...again! I guess 3 kiddos keeps me a little busy! I have now survived my first month as a SAHM. August was full of no schedule craziness since I wanted to enjoy summer with the boys. We stayed up late, ate sno cones, went swimming a lot, took a week long road trip to Dallas to visit family and friends and just generally tried to live up what was left of the summer. It was full of fun but I must admit I am ready for a little bit more structure and routine!
We have also survived the first two weeks of Kindergarten! Seeing Zach off onto the bus the first day was just as hard for Mark as it was for me. There were tears for both. Mark really missed Zachary and with no Preschool yet (it started this week), he was lonely. But he also decided that he and Lukey would be friends! When all 3 boys are together, usually Luke gets either left out or bothered too it has been a welcome surprise to see them play together more! Zach has been happy getting on the bus in the morning and happy getting off in the afternoon so I just pray that the time spent at school is also full of happiness for him! Mark and Luke started school this week too. They both go twice a week. Mark gets to get dropped off in car line this year which has been AWESOME! Something about hopping out of the car instead of getting dropped off by mom or Tita at the classroom has worked wonders because there have been NO tears! Praise the Lord! He has several friends from last year's class and from church in his class this year and had a great week! Luke did awesome too. I was worried about the schedule, but he has had a great time too. One of his teachers is his nursery teacher on Sunday and then there is another little boy in his class from church too so I think the familiar faces helped. When I picked him up on Thursday, the teacher that I dont know as well told me that he is the happiest baby and just a pure joy to have in the class, YAY! :)

Soccer season starts up next weekend. This year we have both boys signed up. Should be interesting to juggle the two different practice and game schedules but the boys are excited so I am excited for them too!
One thing I am looking for now that I am home is some sort of mom's group. I don't know if I want to try MOPS or maybe one of the ladies Bible Studies at church...but I would like to get involved in something that meets during the week so I can have some sort of adult interaction and don't have to talk Matt's ear off when he gets home.
Kids Night Out tonight...yay for date night! Will be much needed since I am on my won for the rest of the weekend. Matt has Guys Weekend with the fellas from church. I think the ladies and the kids are getting together Saturday night so that should be fun!
Speaking of schedules...been looking into different things we could do at home to incorporate some kind of learning and routine on the days we are all home. Read a little about Five in a Row and thought that may be something that is pretty relaxed but would also give us some focus each week!
Last but not least...our little Lukester turned ONE! With it being over the holiday weekend, we decided to just have my parents over for cake and presents. He LOVED his cake! Can't believe he is one already...time is definitely going way too fast. He started walking about 6 weeks ago and thinks he can do whatever his brothers do now too. Life definitely isn't quiet around our house these days! :)

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