Friday, June 10, 2011

If the Academy dressing rooms had video cameras....

they MAY have seen me do a happy dance in front of the mirror!

I popped in for some new running pants.  It is TOO.DANG.HOT. to be running in long pants in this Texas summer heat and as Zachary so nicely pointed out, the one pair of capris I have has a hole in a not very good spot!

I bought 2 new pairs of pants and a couple of dry-fit shirts at the beginning of April when I started my exercising, both in XL.  I was happily suprised when today...I bought all Larges.  Yes, it is a BIG non-scale victory for me today people!! Perhaps Ill even grace you with a picture of me modeling new said L pants :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! My little heart did the happy dance for you too when I read the words. That is the best feeling! Yay for you!!!!

  2. After having kids and being in our 30's that is a HUGE achievement! Yay for you!!


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