Thursday, June 9, 2011

About the Boys

Mark, aka Markey:
beautiful big brown eyes
obsessed loves matchbox cars :)
great sleeper
easy going go with the flow kinda fella
great independent player....very content to sit and play with ALL his cars
favorite books are Good Night Moon and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
favorite snack is goldfish
favorite show is Curious George
enjoys coloring
favorite dance move is spinning in circles till he falls over dizzy
infectious laugh!
ladies man...he loves to flirt and bat those big brown eyes!
can count to 20, knows his ABCs, loves to say his animal sounds, and sing tons of songs!
another favorite toy is the old cell phone....he has imaginary conversations all the time
a little fishie in the water
Esther(our dog) is one of his BEST buddies
loves to do what big brother does
TOTAL mommy's boy right now
learning to exert his...ahem....personality!
and still loves to snuggle with his mommy in his chair every night before bed <3

Zachary, aka The Z Man:
sweetest little freckled face evah
shy at first around new people and situations
obsessed loves matchbox cars :)
my happy early riser
favorite book is the A&M picture finding book
fav bedtime activity is watching basketball trick shots on Daddy's phone
favorite snack is superman fruit snacks
favorite show is Little Einsteins
enjoys play dough
favorite dance moves are splits, leaps, jumps, kicks, everything!!
has a memory like an elephant...if you say it, better be prepared to do it
can count and say his colors in spanish, recite the pledge, and sing tons of songs!
another favorite toy is ANY ball, this kid loves any and ALL sports!
can run super fast and loves to race...around the house, to the bathroom, to finish eating...
always wants to be the "winner"
equally loves mommy and daddy these days
loves his little brother, they are very good buds
enjoys racing around the house on his motorcycle, prob the longest lasting loved toy *thanks Simonds!*
LOVES hiding in his Cars tent with Mark and whatever else they can fit in it!!
and gives great hugs, kisses, and "I love yous" that can melt any heart

That was more for me than anyone else....I want to remember these times because I know before we know it, they will be gone! Love these boys!!


  1. GREAT post, Lisa!! You sound like you have some real sweethearts!! And yes, it sounds Mark and Reed are pretty similar. :)

  2. That's is a great idea for a post. Well done! You'll love reading this in a year!


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