Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You say it's your birthday....

Well, it's my birthday too (on Sunday that is...taken me 3 days to finish the darn post...ahem)...

So Sunday I turned 33 (although when discussing it my husband the night before he argued that I was turning 34, LOL!)...I had a delightful day of church, lunch with dad, pedicure and grocery shopping alone!  (ahhhh...I think I heard angels singing as I walked the aisle in a NON-CAR cart NOT running over people, picking up and reading labels, etc...good times people, good times)  I have never been too bothered by age.  Perhaps because I am younger than most of my friends. heehee!  Having a summer birthday does have SOME advantages once you are past the 16, 18 and 21 milestones! :)

My friend Theresa shared a post on her blog this week by Pretty in Orange.  I have never read Angela's blog before but I enjoyed reading the post and some of her thoughts on getting older.  It started an email chain among my friends about how hip or not hip we are at our mid 30s, who felt old...and who didn't, what the young people who may babysit think of us, etc.  Generally speaking, I am not bothered by aging at all (except for when the checker at Kroger's when he saw my reusable A&M grocery bags asked if I had a son or daughter that goes to A&M....OUCH!)  But when not being carded for beer, being called ma'am, or other general things that prove I am not in my 20s anymore occur, I really don't care.  I guess having small children still, I just don't FEEL old.  I look at my friends who are in the later 30s or some of my younger co-workers and still think we are all about the same age. Maybe I am just oblivious in denial but I still feel young and always subscribe to the belief that you are only as young as you feel!!  :)  I am choosing to feel young still!!  40 is the new 30 and that's still a long way away!

So...tell me, do you feel old, feel your age?  Do birthdays bother you or do you agree with me...birthdays are like wine, they only get better with time!

*On a workout aside....I ran 2.7miles tonight in 30 minutes.  It is by far the best run I have had yet.  It may sound silly but I think I....dare I say it....I may have found that runner's high!!  Hoping for a loss tomorrow on the scale and that the good runs continue, even in the 95 degree heat! Time to wake up early instead??


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to You!! Sorry I'm a few days late, being off facebook means missing all my birthday reminders!! Hope you had a GREAT day!!

  2. Happy birthday my friend! I'm so proud of your running!!!

  3. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post. Best, Angela


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