Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's....Go to....The Mooovies...

Let's go see....the Staaaa-aaarss!

If you haven't heard...Cars 2 comes out on Friday.  We have been talking about this in our house for months now...with the promise that a certain little 3 yr old would get to go on a date by himself with mommy and daddy for his first trip to the "movie center."  Gotta find time for Grammy and popsie to watch Markey so we can go to the movies!  I must say, I am quite excited.  The last movie Matt and I saw in the theatre was Couples Retreat the week before Mark was born.  It's about darn time to go again! ;-)

Anyone have tips for the first time you take your kiddo the movies??


  1. We go to Movie Tavern. They can get a booster seat, lots of food, and the seats are big enough to allow a little one to sit on your lap without being too crowded. Have fun!

  2. Lots of popcorn! The twins will sit through anything as long as they have popcorn! Most places have 'kids meals' now that come with popcorn, fruit snacks, a drink, and a cool movie related toy!


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