Monday, October 25, 2010

For the love of BOOKS...

My name is Lisa....and I love books. We have so many books, yet I can't seem to part with them! Today during big boy's nap, I decided to tackle a book case in our game room. After like 7 years of book club (approx 80ish books cause some months we have skipped) plus the countless other books I have read on my own, plus matt's books, plus some books from college, that is a LOT OF BOOKS!!

I love to share my books, but I also LOVE to look at the shelf, remember the book....the emotions, when I read it, etc and it makes me smile. Therefore, I have waaaay too many.

What do you do with your books? Immediately read and then loan or sell? I need to decide how to keep and how to let go of some books. I think I created a pile of about 50, but I still have another 100 or so I couldn't part with it. Any tips on how to let go of books? I am a book hoarder I think?!?! :)


  1. I feel exactly the same way, I love to scan through them and it takes me back to where I was in my life and great memories! I got the nook last year on "our birthday" hehe and I'll tell you its not the same, convenient yes but I love my books :)

  2. I keep all my books and read a lot of them more than once. I'm such a dork. I have boxes of them in the garage and my bookshelves are packed full. I have six or seven sitting on my bedside table. Several more stuffed in the drawers of my bedside table. I'm a hoarder for sure.

  3. When I finish with one in the airport, plane, or hotel I simply leave it there for someone else to enjoy. I look at it as my small way to maybe make someone else's day better by being able to pick up something I enjoyed. I get most of my books at half price so it's not a big deal to leave them for someone else to find.

  4. i am a book hoarder too.. i have books at my moms from when i was a teenager that i refuse to give up.. i have so many books that i have 2 bags in my basement.. my hubby tells me i need to do something about them.. anyways my suggestion is if there is a used bookstore in your area see if they do trades or if u bring them do they give store credit so u can get new books... also have you tried ebay.. if not ill take some off your hands..


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