Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Presents?

Baby boy is turning 1 in a week...I am still in disbelief but we aren't talking about that part yet! ;-) Several good friends have asked what to get the little man for his party....and truthfully, I have no idea? With 2 kids of the same gender and pretty close in age, what do you ask for that you do not already have? I am sure there are some new things out there, but I am not really sure what. Now I know that Mark is getting to the age to where he wants to play with Z and will get mad when you take toys away, but not quite sure we need/want 2 of everything? Especially because I think Z doesn't necessarily wants what Mark has...he just doesn't want Mark to have it...little stinker!

ANYWAY.....if any of you mommas out there with same gender kiddos have any advice on gifts, let me know! OR, if you have a 1 year old or close to it and know of some toys your kiddo loves, let me know that too! :)

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  1. We ended up with duplicates of some stuff and it isn't too bad. Personalized stuff is always a plus in my book. Or you could always go boring and get him a savings bond! ha!


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