Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's a Man's Job...

My tire pressure light has been on all week...glaring at me and reminding me that the left front tire needs air. But alas, I have no clue how to air up my tires!! Anyone else have this problem? I leave all things car and mechanic related to my husband or my dad! I think I seriously need a lesson on airing up tires, changing tires, mowing the lawn, etc....or maybe not? ;-)

Thank goodness for hubbies and pops!

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  1. Lisa - Before I was married my father did EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING related to my car. I didn't even take it to get the oil changed or to get inspected. When James found that out we have slowly but surely added to my car repetoire because he felt it wasn't good for me to be completely helpless. We have had A LOT of "lessons". I am certainly not to "change a tire" status, but I am a lot better. That and we got Triple A! Oh and Hell will freeze over before a mow a yard. :-)


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