Monday, October 25, 2010

12 month Check up!

Today I took the boys into the doc for Mark's 12 month check up. It was slightly stressful as these 2 do not like to a) be still for too long and b) be confined to a little doctor's room! :) They did pretty good waiting, but once the doc was there and ready to chat, m was getting antsy and z wanted mommy's attention. I always get a little embarrassed and they really were not even bad, just being a 1 and a 2.5 year old! ANYWAY, I asked doc about M's recent bout with eczema and on and off diarrhea. He said it is a possibility it could be related to the introduction of cow's milk, even though we have been doing fine with cheese, yogurt, etc for months. He said we could a) give it a couple more weeks to see how things go, b) switch to soy milk which I don't want to do or c) get a food allergy work up and make sure it is actually that. So I have a call into my insurance to check coverage for that and we will go from there. Oh yeah, and we have the start of an ear infection. Good times!

Markey got 4 vaccinations AND his flu shot and Zach got a flu shot so for about 3 minutes, there was insane crying and screaming coming from our room and I had to get another nurse in the room so she could comfort and hold one while I held the other! But thankfully they quickly recovered and were smiling before we even walked out the door.

Now for stats:
Weight-24lbs (50%)
Height- (90%)
Head- 46cm (funny thing we had to do this one twice because the first one showed his head had grown WAY too much since last time...that's happened to us with Z too!)

And interestingly are Zach's @ 12 months.
Height- 31" (75-90%)
Weight - 23.1lb (50-75%)
Head- 48cm (90%)

Almost the exact SAME! So weird, they look so different to me! All in all though, everything is healthy and normal and I am glad to have this visit behind us! :)

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  1. Just wanted to chime in that Drew had the exact same problem when we transitioned to whole milk. We just backed off back to cheese and yogurt and just introduced the whole milk super slow (a few ounces a time) and he did fine, I think we just tried too much too soon and his stomach couldn't handle it, whole milk especially is really heavy!


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