Friday, October 8, 2010

christmas shopping

I have not even finished decorating for Halloween and I am already thinknig about Christmas...I blame the stores since they are inudated with Christmas goodies already!

Anyway, every year I vow to be finished shopping early and not to overspend. I usually overspend because I am shopping late and haven't really taken good time to think about what I want to buy and therefore end up buying more than I need to. Anyone else do this?

So yeah, I am going to start shopping sooner and also plan to buy LESS. This week I bought 2 things for Zach, one of which will be his "big" present. Its called an Early Rider and I researched it a bit online before we purchased. It was featured on zulily this week and was almost half off. Basically it's a beginner bike and pedaless....encourages your kid to learn to balance and when they are ready for a bike, won't need training wheels! EVERY post and review about it, the kids LOVED it! If you have ever been to our house and seen Zachary WHIZZING around the house on his motorcyle that the Simonds gave him for his 2nd birthday, you will know how much he loves riding things and I think this will be perfect for him. The other purchase I made was for rain gear....I have been wanting some adorable rain gear forever and never wanted to spend the money. But this week in Berings, they had a great deal where if you purchased 3 items, you would get 10% off cheapest, %15 off 2nd, and 25% off most expensive item. I ended up getting him the most adorable fireman set....coat, boats, and umbrella! How cute is that? It's even cuter in person....I only wish they came in sizes small enough for Markey too!

And of course I have started my own shopping list too...I want a sewing machine and a 50mm lense for my camera. That's it for me! :)

What about you? Have you started your shopping list for your family or friends? Do you have anything on your wish list??

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  1. I have started shopping here and there, nothing major. I decided to start a wish list on Amazon for myself and for Bean, to make it easier when other people ask what we want. :)

    Last year I got the big gift I wanted (the DSLR) and I can't think of anything super fab I want this year. I guess another woven wrap for babywearing... there's a gorgeous striped blue one I'm lusting after, because the 5 I own just aren't quite enough... :blushes:


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