Thursday, August 12, 2010

You are as old as you feel....or as old as you look??

You know how the old saying, you are only as old as you feel! I've kind of always bought into that philosophy. Age and birthdays have never really bothered me, maybe because I am the youngest out of the majority of my friends? ;-)

Well the other night the boys and I went on a stroll through the neighborhood. We passed another dad and his little girl (who looked about Zach's age, maybe another year or two older but under 4 for sure) and I thought to myself, man, he looks old! And then I thought to myself, do I look that old??? In my mind's eye, that guy looked like an adult. You know, like a dad! And while I know I am married, own a home, have 2 kids...I still don't feel like I am a grown up sometimes, make sense? When I started at the company I work with 6 years ago, I was truly the baby of the group in my mid 20s. Now, there are kids who are early twenties who are the babies...and were in high school when I started working! Yikes.

I don't feel that old, but I guess I am getting close to being middle aged? What age do you think you will officially feel "grown up"??


  1. NEVER!!!! I totally feel the same way. I feel like the 20 year olds around me at work and then they make a reference to me being the 'Mom' etc.

  2. I feel that way. The worst is when you realize that your doctor is your age or younger than you. That sucks ass.


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