Monday, August 23, 2010

please oh please just be a phase

Oh ya'll, I am at my wits end with Z and the bed time drama.....the "going to bed" isn't terrible, but it used to be so easy! Seriously, we used to just do our routine, shut the door, and he would go to sleep til the morning! Now, I just have no idea.

Last night was the worst. We decided we would by no means go up to room in the middle of the night. And sure enough, he was up at 3am...screaming. We had the monitor turned off and could still hear. Finally I went out into the living room and closed the door to our bedroom in hopes that Matt wouldn't be able to hear it quite as well and get some sleep. Z cried for over an hour. I sat on the couch, looking at the moon, and praying praying praying for the Lord to ease my little guy's fear, stress, restlessness, or whatever it is that seems to be going on with him right now. About 15 minutes into praying, I had the 23rd psalm in my head, he finally just stopped. It was weird, but I was beyond thankful. I truly am at a loss as to what to do about this situation, but am hoping that maybe after a couple of awful nights of me not going up will stop??

Has this happened to anyone before? I feel bad but I also know the boy needs to sleep....and so does this mommy!!


  1. yep!! happened to Jayden at pretty much the exact same age. I called our pediatrician totally frantic and he said if he's scared you must go to him. but keep it short. like tell him you will hold him for 5 minutes and set a timer he can see and tell him when the timer goes off, he's going back to bed. then 4 minutes the next night, then 3, etc. you get the picture. if he's not scared, then I would just check on him briefly when he's crying, tell him its time to sleep, and then just let him cry it out. I also know that Andrea had a similar issue with Mia. she read "No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers" and I think it worked. so that's my two cents. when we did the timer thing for Jayden, it took three nights for him to start sleeping through again...


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