Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm such a rockstar....

That I am wearing a curious George band aid on my very ouchie heel. That's right, I am THAT cool. Thanks to my decision to wear brand new and very tall (and very cute) shoes out Saturday night for Kelly's Bachelorette party....I have a ridiculous blister on my foot. And man does it ever hurt. But, all for the price of looking cute, right? ;-)

We had a great time celebrating my oldest friend's last big night out as a single lady this weekend. Started Saturday off at Fiori Spa for some good old fashioned pampering. The place was lovely and service was great. We brought in a ton of food and wine for ourselves and they did a really nice job of taking care of everything for us. And my 100 minute massage was so delightful I slept through half of it, ha! After that, we hit the hotel pool at the Omni to cool off from the crazy heat and then it was time to get beautiful! I tell ya, we clean up nicely when we all aren't running errands, baby on the hip and one clinging to the other leg. Kelly got some really cute stuff for her honeymoon too. We finished out the night with dinner and dancing and singing and silliness and sleeping in til 9am, woot woot! And of course, thanks to all the husbands and grandparents who helped with kiddo duty so we could enjoy the day off! :)

Looking forward to the Big Day for Kelly & Jason in October! Yay!

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