Thursday, August 19, 2010


yeah, that's what I am doing today....I am tired, people!

So, installed the new door thingie and must admit, it was very easy and pretty cool. Z actually went to bed without a fuss, but then was up at 130, 230, 3. The first two times I went up to the room and he just wanted me to lay with him but I sat in the chair instead. Nothing was wrong, he was just up! By the 3rd time, I was quite frankly just plain tired and knowing nothing was wrong....I just let him cry. I truly hate doing that, but I do not want this middle of the night business to become a habit either because a) it makes us all grumpy and b) i want to sleep in my own bed, not his lovely little twin bed. Sigh. He only cried about 10 minutes or so, we turned off the monitor, and although hubs fell back asleep within 5 minutes I swear, it took me closer to 30. My mind was racing about what is bothering the little fella that he does not want to sleep. Sigh again. Thankfully none of this woke up my power sleeper Mark who clearly takes after daddy in this department...

I am truly hoping this is just a phase and once he realizes mommy is not going to be sleeping in his room or coming in at all hours of the night, it will end. Bless his little heart, but the boy has got to sleep! I think that is one of the hardest things to deal with as a working momma is on nights like these, getting up at 5am is not very easy....

Anyway, I know he was up again at 630am when I was leaving the house but hopefully he will take a nap today and get some much needed Zzzzzzzzzzzs.

On a totally different note, RitzPix is offering 5 free 8x10 prints today. You just have to pay for either shipping or processing. I ordered mine for $3 with the code 5free. I love some of our Galveston pictures and think they could make for some nice prints for the grandparents (maybe even for Christmas) and myself! Without the code it would have been over $20. Not bad!

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  1. It definitely sounds like a phase. He'll come around. Stay strong!


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