Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know, seems crazy to be thinking about it already when it is still hot and August...but I have a special little boy who will be turning 1 around that time and the magazines are flooding in....and its got me thinking! What will my boys be for Halloween this year?!?!

I am thinking Zach may actually have an interest in what he is, especially if he remembers all the loot he got last year for dressing up. He is pretty good about wearing costumes and accessories so I am thinking it could be fun for him to help choose costume! Markey on the other hand will still have no clue, but since I am pondering a Halloween themed 1st birthday, it has GOT to be something cute, right?? :-) Any suggestions?

Have you picked out your Halloween costumes yet for yourself or your kiddo(s)??


  1. We got our magazines in the mail yesterday too. I was thinking of dressing George as a monkey because there was a super cute costume in one of the magazines. Luke and Evie will probably choose some awful, ugly costumes. I'm almost always disappointed. Hell, maybe I'll dress up this year.

  2. Hi, Lisa. I found your blog over at (In)Courage and thought I would drop by to say hello. Unfortunately, my babies have all grown up so I don't get to have the fun of halloween costumes anymore. Enjoy every one of them...and take lots of pictures. They really do grow up too fast! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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