Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to Reality

Ahhh, it ended all too fast! After a nice week away from work and building a tan, I am headed back tomorrow. Blah.

We had a great family vaca in Galveston this past week. The house we stayed in was really nice and we loved the neighborhood the house was in. It was a private beach so no cars driving through which made watching the boys so much easier. Plus, everyone just left all their beach stuff set up on the beach every night so no need to race out at the crack of dawn to claim a spot! We weren't quite that brave leaving everything overnight but we did during the day and overnight left our canopy out. My dad rented us a golf cart for the week so that made transporting stuff easy and we had fun cruising the boys through the neighborhood and looking at all the different houses too.

Zach and Mark are definitely beach boys, both loving the sand and the water. Z loved to get in his toob and let me take him out and we would ride the waves in. His 2nd favorite pastime was smashing/jumping on any shape or form of a sandcastle we would build! I ended up just making sand shapes for him to destroy! ;-) We also brought a kite and he and Matt had a great time flying the kite too. Oh, and collecting sea shells, he was very good at finding them too and ended up with a bucket full of good ones!

Mark on the other hand loved sitting just on the edge of the water where he could crawl and splash around AND eating sand. Ack! No matter where I would sit him, he would find some way to venture off and eat sand!! With all the sand eating, he had his first foray into juice boxes and I think is quite the fan like his brother!

We did have a little bit of stress though unfortunately. My mom ended up staying in the hospital for a day and a half after almost passing out Thursday morning. Her shoulder had been bothering her and she went to a clinic on Wednesday and they gave her a muscle relaxer and we think she had a bad reaction to it in the end. Thankfully she got out Friday evening and was able to enjoy the rest of vacation. Our only other issue was bed time for Zach! Good grief!! I swear, since he turned 2 he has just been the sweetest most accommodating little boy...until this week, ha! I think he is just very much a creature of routine and the random naps, different house, etc just threw him out of whack. We would have a great day and then come around 8-9 bedtime, a couple of nights we just had a complete battle. Needless to say I slept a couple nights with him in the bunk room but at least he slept! ;-)

Anyway, with all the good and the bad, we all agreed we had a great time and are already looking forward to returning next year!! It was wonderful to spend a whole week with my honey, my boys, and my parents...just wish it actually could have been longer!!

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