Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I feel better today.  Thank you all for indulging my vent and for those of you that commented.  It is always nice to know that other people have crappy days too.  I kid, I kid...kinda ;-)

I had an especially good lunch today.  I got my 25lbs charm today at weight watchers.  Made me smile.  About 1/2 way to go now, and somehow that doesn't seem as impossible as it did a few weeks ago.  I love emailing Matt and calling my mom after every weigh in.  They have been SO supportive and I appreciate all their encouragement.  Thinking I can definitely hit 30lbs before I go to the beach.  Just hope I don't do too much damage with a week of vacation but luckily I will have mom there with me to keep me on track!

I ended up ordering 2 bathing suits from Lime Ricki.  (Rachel, that is where the one you liked is from and one of the ones I ordered.  Ill post how it is when it comes in!)  They had free shipping on Tuesday and I found a 10% off coupon online so I just went for it.

And after a week off of running due to Matt working late and his guys' trip, I am back on track.  I went Monday and today and getting back in the groove.  I ran 3.2 tonight in 35min.  Slower than I have been but DANG, it is still HOT OUTSIDE.  I have book club tomorrow so perhaps I will get up in the morning.  It always just looks so dark outside....and the bed is SO comfy!

Hope every one's hump day was good today.  I am moving on and looking forward to Thursday!


  1. Can't wait to hear how your swimsuit is! I looked on the site and they all look so cute'll have to let me know what you think!

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