Friday, July 15, 2011

bathing suit Shopping....

I had a good weigh this week, somehow managed to lose 4lbs (gained 1 lb last week so I am sure that was part of it).  On ww I have now lost 24lbs and total about 29lbs now!  In the last couple weeks, a few people at work have either just noticed or just now decided to say something.  Probably because I work with mostly men and maybe it's weird for them to mention it?  But a couple of my closer friends have said something now so that was nice! :)  I think part of it was last week I finally broke down and bought some new pants....  Wearing pants 2 sizes too big isn't really a great way to show off your weight loss ;-)  The final straw was I wore flats to work and was tripping over myself all day (not cool)!

Anyway, our family beach vaca is coming up in ONE MONTH and I need a new swimsuit.  A lot seem to be on sale now too which is good!  Unless you are a VS model, I don't think bathing suit shopping is fun for ANYONE!  One of my problems too is so many suits are so low cut and when you are holding a grabby toddler, it can be a wee bit too showy.  I also have a longer torso so I want something that covers nicely too!  So...I am turning to online shopping.  Have you done this before for a swim suit?  I figured I can always return it.  Been looking at Lands End.  They are cute, age appropriate, and inexpensive.  Score.  A lot of the sizes are sold out but there are a few still I found so I think I will give it a shot!

Hope everyone has had a good week.  Heading to the bounce house to wear these boys out! :)


  1. - this is where I get my suits and I have always been super happy with them. The are modest and age appropriate for our stage of life, but still SUPER cute and you won't ever see anyone in the same suit. :-)Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Ann! I will have to check them out! how is that baby girl of yours...ready to come out?? :)


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