Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cluster

I should have KNOWN it was going to be one of those days after leaving my cell phone in Z's room from a 4am sheet changing (I use it as a flashlight so I don't have to turn the light on), my wake up call being Zachary bringing me said blaring cell phone (it's my alarm) and then proceeding to step in cat barf as I was getting dressed (thanks max!)!

I thought I had all the plans worked out to make it to my god-daughter's birthday party at Chucky Cheese from 4-6pm.  Maria would put the boys down for an early nap so they could be there around 4.  My dad would meet them there so that Maria could leave to get to work on time after.  I would meet my dad and boys there on the way home from work and all would be glorious as the boys ran themselves wild and wore themselves out!  Go, Supermom....I CAN do it all!!  Right??

Maria called me at 4 to say they were there but couldn't find the party..but would just play until my dad got there and helped.  I was still busy at work so didn't think much of the conversation.  I texted Becky to see if she was running late?  Dad called at 4:30 to say he was there at the party...but where were the boys?? WTH??? Where is everyone??  After several frantic phone calls, I figured out....they were at two.entirely.different.locations. I managed to figure out where to go to meet boys and Maria....but once I got them and headed back to where we SHOULD have been all along....we ended up going home as we would have MAYBE been at Chucky for 15 minutes, if that.  Drats!  I bartered with the boys by telling them we would just go to Katie's house for "the real party" and that seem to pacify them as I listened to them chanting "K-T's-House, K-T's House" all the way home.....

We stayed for the cake and ice cream and let the boys run wild at Becky's house instead for about an hour.  I think I was honestly too frazzled from the whole thing and driving all over town to totally relax.  Although Miss K definitely put a smile on my face with our Littlest Pet Shop gift being the chosen present  for the day ;-)

It was definitely a Supermom FAIL moment.  Trying to do it all....and failing miserably.  Or at least in my mind I did.  I mean, who doesn't make sure everyone is going to the same place?  And then of course I was thinking, what if something had happened at a previous outing...I would have had no idea where the boys were.  All this time I thought they were had been going to the Chucky closest to our house....

We got home in time to put PJs on the boys and head to bed.  Z has been a bit challenging these last couple weeks and I think that has been weighing on me too.  Tell me people, is it just being THREE or something else to it.  Discipline, attitudes, etc....that's topic for another post all together.  It has been on my mind so perhaps I will write it all out soon.  This sister needs some ENCOURAGEMENT there.  I told my friend, Amy, this morning, I just feel so defeated by it sometimes.  Sigh.  Parenting is not for the weak at heart!

After the house was quiet, I mellowed out for a bit over dinner....and thought about this:

I have so very much to be thankful for.  And it really puts so much into perspective.  Husband, boys, family, friends, health, home, job, etc....So I went to bed and vowed to make today a better day! :)  Thank you Jesus for the grace you give us to get through these moments that drive us mad!

What do you do when you have one of those days and get over the emotional funk they can sometimes put you in to??


  1. Oh, honey! I hear ya loud and clear. I've so been there and done that. Usually I have at least one day during the week that does not go as planned. It sucks, but I've sort of learned to roll with it. I've given up on trying to make all the birthday parties, happy hours, showers, etc. It just can't be done. I try to remind myself that I'm doing the best I can and sometimes I try to organize myself better, blaming myself is common. And other times, I take a moment to read passages out of my devotional or other books that help me shape my life in all aspects.

  2. Lisa, I would have gotten back in bed at the cat barf, so you are already one up on me there :) I think we all have these days. I usually try to shake it off before I go to bed, but I make sure to tell Aaron I had a rough day and why. He has gotten pretty good at just saying "Sorry honey" and leaving it at that. I feel better after griping a bit. If it is a really bad day, I make sure to tell my Mom, sister, friends, etc :)

  3. I really enjoyed this post, Lisa. So real.
    Well I think you read about how I "should" get over "one of those days," but that is not always how it happens. But praise God for His grace, no?!

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