Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Teeth and the Mark Man

Well........the first dentist appointment was not that great.  Z Man was great until it was time to actually sit in the dentist seat.  She basically was only able to do a quick visual exam but she thinks he (GASP!!) has a cavity?!?  She can't be how bad for sure since no x-rays were done but that was her take.  She said he has enamel hypoplasia which is when the enamel doesn't fully form on the teeth and more susceptible to decay. Anyhooo....the remedy?  Put the boy under and cap the tooth!  YIKES!  She actually suggested we could get a 2nd opinion, so that is what we are going to do on Saturday.  I read a lot online and it sounds very common but I don't know anyone personally with young kids who has dealt with this.

Obviously want to do what's best for his teeth, but seems crazy to cap baby teeth and put my baby under!!  Perhaps dentist #2 will have a different opinion! ;-)

And what's new with #2 these days??  Aww, my sweet boy...he is DEFINITELY a momma's boy!!  I can't hardly be out of sight before the alligator tears start falling.  It is very endearing at times but can be a wee bit frustrating too ;-)  He is also talking UP.A.STORM!  So very different from big brother at this age! Some things he says: momma, dadda, esther, zach, tita, ready, fast, hot, go, no, flower, boon (balloon), colors, milk, bottle, chicken, cars, ball, map, backpack, blastoff, and i'm sure some more.  he also "sings" the end of the ABCs and any of the dora songs!!  He still is a great sleeper, about 12 hrs at night and a 2-3 hour nap!  And he wakes up happy and content to play in his crib for a bit.  One of my fav things to do is go in and see him before I go to bed.  I am always laughing at how he has moved around, toys askew and wonder just what happens after I leave him at night! :)

I love these 2 little boys and although they can squab at times, it is so fun to see them interact and play and love one another!!

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