Thursday, March 17, 2011

Most wonderful time of the year

Or at least that is what my hubby would say!  The Madness of March known at the NCAA basketball tournament started today.  Matt LOVES basketball and looks forward to this all year....starting with putting "One Shining Moment" as his ring tone about a month ago for all you other bb fans ;-)

Back in the day (aka-pre kids), we would actually take off work to go sit at a local pub so we could watch all the games at one time somewhere and  watch our brackets go up in flames!  Haven't done that in awhile but I do still like to fill in my bracket.  Something about marking off that win with the yellow highlighter and scratching out the losers with my red pen.....I have actually won a few times which makes it even more fun, especially since it makes the boys so mad.  So far I am doing pretty good but there have only been 4 games so we shall see! :)

Hope everyone is having a Happy St Patty's Day too.  I will be celebrating at home with the fam tonight and watching some b-ball, of course!


  1. Wow. That's a long day at the bar. We're golfing tomorrow morning and then going to a bar to watch the Aggies play.

  2. It could be a long day....remind me to tell you a funny story about how one year I chided matt's sister for calling our house so was like 8 o'clock, LOL!

  3. Oh I love "One Shining Moment". I DVR it every year! And somehow I am not thinking you picked Moreland State over Louisville! LOL


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