Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Week :(

I am sad to say this is my last week at home with my two little munchkins. I have SO very much enjoyed my maternity leave and all the time spent with the boys. Although it is stressful at times with hubs and I both together 24/7, the time we have spent together is precious and I am thankful for it. The one good thing about big M at home is that means little M will be at home for awhile longer too. I am definitely nervous about the transition of me not being here though for Zach. We have quite a routine down and I am hoping Z does okay with the change. And missing Mark, well that's a given. He is my little sidekick and I will 110% miss being with him all day!!

One positive thing about going back to work? I will be showering and washing my hair every day again. Woohoo! I need to go shopping this week and pick up a few new tops. I swear my wardrobe is just a mess. I don't want to buy much since I am on ww now, but I need a few things to get me through the next few months.

So, will be making the most of this week as I can and grateful for my Mondays off. They will be so much sweeter even now!


  1. Sorry about this being the last week. :( Just like when you went back after having Z Man, it will be harder on you than the kiddos. Hang in there, girl, and take comfort in the fact that you are providing for your family!

  2. Just a couple more days, girl. Kisses and hugs and cherish each moment!


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