Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Belated Two Month Check Up...

Yes, I missed the originally scheduled one on December 18th as I COMPLETELY forgot about it so today was the first appointment I could get for a well visit when I realized at 3pm on the 18th that I had missed my 9am time. but ANYWAY.........

I went in for what I assumed would be the regular weigh, stretch, chat, etc visit along with discussing that poor M had picked up a cold from his big brother and is a prolific spitter upper. He was so kind to demonstrate his spitting up in the office. Right before they called me back, as Mark was smiling and cooing in his car seat......SPEEEWWWW!!! Thank goodness I had a bib on him so i saved the onesie some but his pants, burp cloth, socks, and blanket were drenched...and for the first time ever I swear, I had no change of clothes, I had left them on the dryer to put into the bag. UGH. Anyway, after discussing that issue with the doc, it was determined M is what they call a Happy Spitter Upper. His weight and height gain are great, he doesn't show any pain during or after, etc....so we basically get to deal with just doing lots of outfit changes and laundry. Thank goodness we have a dryer again!!

And now onto the not fun part...the cold. Turns out it is infant bronchiolitis. Poor little dude. The good news is we are probably about half way through it since it really started on NYE. Also, he doesn't seem to be affected with eating or sleeping too bad and has not had fever. The not fun news...breathing treatments every 4 hours. Poor little dude! He does fine when we start, then screams, then takes it gently and tuckers out. We go back in a week to re-check and if all good, will do our 2 month vaccines then. I feel so bad but doc reassured me that it is very common and pretty unavoidable, so lets just watch it now and get it taken care of.

His stats:
weight: 12 lbs 1oz
height: 23 1/2 ''

He is in the 50-75%. Nice and average!

Anyway, here is to hoping next week is better and thank goodness I am not back at work so that I can be home with him and not worry about taking the time off!!


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