Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Must Have "Sucker" on my forehead...

Yes, that is correct. Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a sucker. I just bought my 4th box of girl scout cookies. They must be passing it around amongst the troops that this lady cannot say no. The last little girl that just came by...I knew it was girl scouts before I even answered cause I could see someone short at the door and an adult standing in the drive. She asked if I wanted to buy some and my initial response was that I had already bought some. But she looked so sad and disappointed I quickly caved and bought 1 more box....THANKFULLY, I think by the time the cookies all arrive I will be at work and I plan to bring them there! Let other people eat them! :)

Yesterday we ventured out to Portrait Innovations with the boys. Figured we would take some 2 year photos of Z and 3 mo (and first portraits) for M. Oh my. What a crazy time. Thankfully, we had a super patient photographer and there was no one else there so we could take as long as we wanted. Zach was in a great mood but just wanted to play and not go into the photo area. Mark on the other hand, every time he saw the camera would cry! It was so weird! I am telling you, Mark rarely fusses, only when he is hungry. But man, he was just NOT into the photo taking. The guy kept just playing with Z and actually got him to come in and then I bribed him with some gummy Nemos and we got some cute pics of him. But poor M, just not a lot of smiles for him! I think when we do the 6 month, perhaps we will go back to a regular photographer!


  1. Oh, those turned out SOOO cute though!!! I think you may be disappointed because you saw the process. But the end result is fantastic -- and how could it not be, with such a good looking family? :)

  2. Pictures are great! Looked at smugmug and think you got some really good ones!!

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Love the one of the whole fam!

  4. Those are such cute pics! Zach is a little ham--I love it!

  5. They are cute! We are going Wednesday afternoon and I am nervous. My mom said, "Is that a good time?". Who knows! I'll try to schedule around it.

    No one has come to sell cookies at my house and I'm not at work to buy any. Send those girls my way!


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