Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost a week, ack!

I wish I could say I had been doing something terribly exciting over the last week and that is why I haven't updated, but alas, probably only exciting to me! Just been chilling with my boys! :)

We were hunkering down at the house through Tuesday waiting to make sure Mark got his clean bill of health from the doctor in regards to the breathing. Thankfully, his lungs were all clear and we were able to complete his check up with 3 vaccines, poor baby! He did very well though and only cried for the prick and as soon as I could pick him up, all better.

Wednesday we had a very impromptu visit with an old friend, Taylon! She came in for a very short visit to meet Mr. Mark! It was great to catch up and we all wish we got to see her more often.

And today, Mark and I made the the trip into town for my annual review at work. Sheesh, I sure have not missed that drive. Everyone was very kind and happy to see me and it was good to see them too. But even though I love my job, I am not ready to go back. Need to make the most of these next 2 weeks!!

On another note, I am being a scrapping QUEEN! I have completed my Christmas card book and have all 2010 cards in. So if you sent me a picture card this year, thank you! You shall be forever in book! taylon enjoyed flipping through it and seeing everyone and their families!

I am ALMOST finished with my December Daily. It has turned out very cute and think it will be a neat tradition to do. I just had Christmas Eve and Christmas left to do. Go Me!

And lastly, Project Life is kicking it!! I have all my cards in place and have been taking my daily pictures, need to get caught up on journaling but I am very excited about it too and thinking the finished project will be awesome!

Hope the start of the new year is going well for all of you too!


  1. That last picture is soo adorable!

  2. Glad Mark is feeling better! You sure have been productive during your maternity leave. I probably won't get that much done in the next two years combined.

    Love that last picture!


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