Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Come and Gone...

Can you believe it's already over? I always get a little sad when Christmas has passed, wishing I had more time to enjoy the season. And then poof, it is onto the new year!

And with the new year comes the nearing of the end of my maternity leave....man, I am not looking forward to going back. I do enjoy my job and the people I work with and the paycheck, but I sure have been enjoying my boys too. It will definitely be an adjustment getting back into the swing of things. Matt is still looking for a job, and we hope some of the leads/interviews he had may pan out in the next couple of weeks, but either way, it will be quite a transition for all of us. Praying it goes smoothly and we can get into our new groove. My first day back will be the beginning of February.

Speaking of February...my biggest boy will be turning TWO! Can you believe it? Cause I cannot. I swear, even with a new baby in the house, I still think of him as a baby. I made his 2 year Well Visit appointment today and it was just odd even making it! He is doing so well with his talking and I am just very proud of him. Granted, there is a lot we still don't understand, but he is jabbering constantly and I think that's an important part. A lot of times, if I will just stop and take 2 seconds to pay attention and listen, it will make total sense. He is still quite the monkey and tonight as he was leaping over his PBK chair into a pile of pillows, I had a vision of he and Mark in the coming years and figure we will surely be in the hospital for these antics one day! BOYS!!

Mark is still proving to be my chill boy. He has the occasional "why are you crying??" moments, but mostly, he only cries when he is hungry, which seems to be often. I call him a snacker. He often wont finish a bottle and then will be hungry again in 2 hours. This isn't too big of a deal unless its in the middle of the night. The last few nights, we have been making it from about midnight to 4-5 which is an improvement but still rough. I bought some of this Night Time formula to see if it could help, fingers crossed! Momma is tired and the thought of going back to work on our current sleeping schedule, make me a little nervous. Hoping we will turn a corner before then. But thankfully, we are graced with MANY toothy grins without even working for it and it makes every sleepless night and poopy diaper worth it!

I need to finish up my December Daily book soon so I can start my Project365 book for 2010 next! I can't wait and hope that I can keep up with it through the year!


  1. I'm always a little sad when Christmas is over too. After all, it is my favorite time of the year. I try to celebrate it as long as possible. Good luck with the sleeping. I'm glad you're enjoying your time with the boys!

  2. I too hate when Christmas is over. I love how my house is decorated, and I get sad to take it down. Now, I will offically live in toy land! At least the tree hid that! Glad to see pics of your cute boys! Take care and miss you guys!

  3. I am sad when the holidays pass, too... but a bit relieved, as well, to get a break from the spending and planning and anticipating. 2009 was such a wonderful year for you guys, I'm wishing you more of the same in 2010. Prayers up for a super awesome job offer for Matt so you can turn in your resignation and spend more time with the munchkins!


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