Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th

Quiet day has been rainy/drizzly for the last few days. UGH! I did take the time during Z's 3 hour nap to start wrapping presents and also have placed all the cards in the mail. I was surprised Zach was not more interested in the presents under the tree when he woke up because yesterday at the birthday party he wanted to open all the presents! Maybe the fact that these are wrapped and not in gift bags makes a difference?

Not too much left to do before Christmas. I need to finish my list this week and get one package in the mail. Our church has been having a sermon series on Keeping Christmas Simple and there have been goals to accomplish every week of Advent (week 1-put up christmas decor. week 2-send cards, week 3-wrap all presents) so that by the 4th Sunday, you have everything finished and can relax and really enjoy the meaning of Christmas. I am close to being on track and I look forward to not being totally stressed those last few days before Christmas. I will definitely need to make use of Tues-Thurs when Z is in school to finish things up but I can do it!

How are you doing on all of your Christmas To-Dos?

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