Monday, December 14, 2009

December 13th

Sunday we went to celebrate the early 1st birthday of Kari and Steve's sweet Godson Dylan and his sister Lilly. The cutie pies were adorable as always and I was so happy to share in their very special day. Dylan went to town on his cake and was quite a hoot while Lilly barely got messy! I was also spoiled with Kathi and Claudia giving lots of love to Mark so I just had to keep an eye on one boy! :)

It is so funny to go to these important celebrations as the group just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I love to witness it all. We are up to 16 kids amongst us now! Seems like just yesterday we were hitting the town on the weekends and bringing our dogs to all of our house parties. Now its pack n plays and toys and booster seats! How times have changed!

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  1. Thanks for posting pictures of the party! I hate to miss all that fun stuff.


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