Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th

Today Mark and I went and had lunch with my good friend, kerri and then went by the office to meet all of mommy's co-workers! It was great to catch up with Kerri during lunch and we got to eat at one of my fav spots...CHUY'S! Creamy Jalepeno...YUM-O! Mark was such a good baby and all smiles at the office. It was nice to see everyone but also nice to go back home and be with my boys! :)

Zach and I decided to make some Christmas sugar cookies tonight. Nothing fancy, we didn't do cookie cutters or anything, just had fun and iced and sprinkled them! Zach was a great sous chef!

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  1. You are just surrounded by cuteness. I could hardly resist reaching through my computer screen, picking up Mark out of his carrier, and giving him lots of baby squeezes!!


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