Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15th

Christmas is getting closer. I am almost finished with my "homework" from church by having everything completed by the time we go to church on Sunday so that we can focus fully on the coming birth of our Saviour! I am really enjoying this sermon series and keeping Christmas simple.

Today I met Allison and Evan for lunch at La Madeline. It was so nice to just get out and visit for awhile. Sweet Evan snoozed the whole time but I snapped a couple of pics of him that I will post and Mark woke up for his bottle and then checked out the place. We visited for almost 2 hours and just caught up on life and new mommyhood!

After that I headed over to Target. I needed to buy my presents for the Angel Tree at church and finish Z and M. Z is definitely done. He is too easy and fun to buy for but I have to stop. I really haven't bought all that much but it feels like it adds up! Especially when I know the grandparents will have stuff too! Poor Mark, he is pretty much getting the shaft this year but he wont remember so its all good ;-)

As usual, target sucks you into a "money vortex" as one of my friends called it and I ended up with more stuff than was on my list. But, I am also complete for Christmas for the kids and close for Matt. woohoo! I need to make him an actual list, I know he hasn't gotten me anything. My list is shrinking since the 2 things I really want are pricey and we just don't need to be spending that right now. Perhaps another time. Its more fun buying for the kiddos any way! :) And then get my one package in the mail and we should be good to go!


  1. I hear ya on the whole Target thing! Every time I go in that place, I always come out with so much more than I went in for! I am so happy to have one so close too!!

  2. Yes on Target, yes on wanting expensive things that we can't afford right now (or for the next 25 years). But I think I'm getting my new SLR camera... I've convinced DH that we should ask for gift cards from everyone and then supplement the cost by giving the camera to each other (i.e. not buying each other gifts). I can't wait, I just hope I can learn to use it. :)


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