Saturday, February 28, 2009


Zach slept until 7:30 this morning! I know that sounds very early still to some folks but the last couple of weeks he has been up at like 6am, even on the weekends! So we tried the old stay up a little bit later method and I guess it worked! :)

Matt's on duty this morning so I got an extra hour of sleep before a work person called....I am on call this weekend. blah. oh well, an hour is better than one hour less! ;-)


  1. NICE!! Gotta love the sleeping in. What time did you put him down? I so wish I could get jayden to sleep till 7:30 consistently every morning.

  2. We just moved back about 30-45 minutes and it worked. He is usually asleep around 7-30 and we did around 8 last night. What a difference 730 makes to 6am!!

  3. Hooray for extra sleep! 7:30 sounds like a treat to me, we are pretty consistently 6:45 around here.

  4. Praise God for sleep!! Were having major sleep issues with Miss Mia....waking up a couple hours a night and then up early. Jacob sleeps like a champ though even through her screaming and me in and out...were blessed for that at least :)

  5. Oh My goodness! That is so early! That is probably the only part of kiddos I am NOT looking forward to! The lack of sleep!


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