Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"My Toddler This Week"?

So I have been getting these weekly emails since Zach was the size of a poppyseed....and today's showed up and now says "your toddler"!  Holy crap.  I have a toddler.  He still sleeps in a sleep sack and lets me rock him to bed!  When do you stop thinking of them as a baby if ever??

We had a good day today.  We got up and played and had breakfast and then Z took a nice long nap.  Our furniture that we ordered during Hurricane Ike FINALLY arrived today and was very impressed that the delivery guys didn't ring the doorbell when they saw me running to get to it so didn't disturb baby-boo.  It looks great, just wish it had been here 2.5 months ago like it should have been!  Then Zach and I met Susan and Samantha at Newk's for lunch!  Samantha looked precious as always, her mommy dresses her well.  She was an angel and after smiling at us for a few minutes, she took a snooze in her seat.  Zach made a mess as he usually does when we are out to eat but all and all he was good too!

We topped the day off with meeting Grandma at Portrait Innovations for some 1 year old pics.  Z Man was good but man, he is so active, he will not pose for a darn thing!  But I will post some of them, we did get some cute ones.

Overall it was a wonderful day spent with my little man.  What a different kind of day it was today then one year ago today!!!


  1. Bean'll always be my baby! My grandpa still introduces my dad as his baby (he's the youngest of four kids). However, my dad hates it. :)

  2. You stop thinking of them as your baby when they start talking back to you and acting like brats. Of course, mine don't do that, but that's what I hear. ;)


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