Monday, February 2, 2009

ok, so maybe vampires ARE cool!

Yeah yeah yeah, I was late to jump on the bandwagon but thanks to book club was forced to read T.wilight.  I was not too excited, thinking it probably wouldn't live up to the hype and was just a juvenile romance novel.  And even as I started it, I was still thinking about the same thing.  But then Edward sucked me in with his dreamy voice and eyes ;-)  Actually, it was the baseball game that got me hooked.   I stayed up late last night and made it through a crucial part before I decided I could go to sleep.  Although the hunter had me a bit off kilter still that it took me a little bit to fall asleep.  So overall report, good book, where do I find the next one?  :-)


  1. I KNOW!!! I'm hooked, almost done with the first one but I can't put it down!! Its led to some very late nights :) :)

  2. That hunter guy scared me! It's fun to get sucked into the books. When you become obsessed with Forks like I am, you can come out here to visit and we'll go together. :)

    Oh, I forgot a couple of other tricks to get Bean to eat... he prefers things with flavor, so I add spices or dips. And also if I eat a few bites of the food with him, he's more interested.

  3. Jenny has my copy of the next book. I guess it may be a while before I get them back.

  4. I finsihed ALL books in a record 3 weeks. I was very depressed as I finished each one, knowing my time with Edward and the Cullens was nearing to an end...glad they sucked you in too!

    I gave them all the Amy....

  5. i almost bought jenny/kathi a poster that i found at tru. I also found an original cover that I thought you would love. i rummaged thru nichole's books and she has a cover without the movie characters on it. i'll bring it to book club.

  6. I love the Twilight books and am so glad to hear other women being just as giddy about them! I completely agree with aday lady - I was little depressed as each of them ended and wish she would write more!! Who knew how cool vampires are?! :)


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