Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky Girl

This is a week of spoiling for me...I have 3 baby showers this week.  Feeling very blessed and spoiled for sure.  With a 3rd baby...and a 3rd boy at that, I was happy to just have the little guy.  But my co-workers, friends, and church friends decided differently.

Today at work, my co-workers had cupcakes to celebrate and contributed to a nice gift card for me.  It was enough to probably cover diapers for a month!

Saturday my bff Sue planned a whole GNO for me....dinner out, seeing Steel Magnolias at the theatre  and who knows what after that!

And Sunday...the Sunday school girls have planned a lunch diaper shower for me after church. 

Me and little Luke Daniel are feeling very loved and extremely grateful for all the fabulous women in our lives! Thank you friends!! :)

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  1. How awesome. I bet you're getting so excited. Can't wait myself to see pictures and just love his name.


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