Monday, August 20, 2012

New shoes

Went in for our yearly trip to Stride Rite today for new sneakers. They may be pricier then some, but they last! It's buy one,get one 1/2 off right now so we actually got 2 pair for boys since z in soccer too.

They originally picked out some "lovely" all white light up storm trooper ones but I talked them out of those. Got some less obnoxious light up light saber shoes instead ;-) and then just a regular pair of sneaks. I really thought Mark would choose super hero shoes...but he wanted what big brother picked. Oh these two!!

Zach's foot grew a whole size and a half. He's wearing a 13.5! Mark's just grew a half size to 10.5. But it looks like one of his foot is almost a half size bigger then the other too :)

Need some new clothes and we will be ready for school!

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