Monday, July 30, 2012

Random acts of kindness

Today we were the recipient of some good old grace and kindness! After a giant grocery shopping trip, mark decided to have a major meltdown at the checkout for reasons still unknown to me.

As I was attempting to wrangle and hold mark, watch zach, and push a VERY loaded cart... A random woman shopper stepped in and got my cart and asked where my car was. She told me she was a grandma to 13 kiddos...And she was happy to help.

I was doing my best to remain calm amidst the looks in the store and trying to just check out and GET out that her kindness almost brought me to tears.

She parked my cart and wished me a good day. So nice to have little moments like that... I was touched and made the trip end on a very happy note. I will be sure to repay that favor to another mom one day! Thank you grocery store lady!

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