Monday, August 27, 2012


I calculated my due date as 8/23, doc had 8/ at this point I'm anywhere from 2-4 days overdue. My first ultrasound estimated due date as 8/ maybe tomorrow will be the day? Or, who knows, we may end up with a September/labor day baby after all!!

All in all... I'm not MISERABLE, but I won't lie, I'm anxious and a little on edge which isn't always fun for everyone else around me ;-)

My maternity leave started today as work pretty much kicked me out. No one wanted to deliver a baby in the office. I have a doc appt on Thursday so we will see how things look that day and schedule an induction for the beginning of the week if Luke hasn't arrived on his own by then!

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  1. My true due dates always seem to be accurate by that very first ultrasound! Danny was actually born on his due date from his initial u/s, even though the doc had changed the date based on a later u/s. Anyway, anxiously awaiting your sweet new arrival!!! Good luck Lisa!!!


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