Thursday, March 1, 2012


A little voice yelled out *dammit* in the bathtub last night after he couldn't find the matchbox car he dropped in the bubbles......

(Don't judge..not just on the potty mouth but also that we have a million and one toys in the bathtub at night! My kids have always loved the bath and its one of the few times during the day that they will play unassisted by me so it's kinda a free for all in there...  it's momma's reading time!) 
My mouth about dropped in shock and I tried not to laugh all at the same time and yet somewhat impressed it was actually used in the correct context.  It is definitely not the worst word he could say (in fact its the one bad word I ever recall my grammy say) but one surely doesn't want their 2 year old running around saying that every time they drop something!  ha!  I kept as straight a face as I could and said, "I think you're saying it wrong...its bammit."  Which then ensued into a 5 minute tirade of BAM BAM and bammit ;-) 

I think perhaps Dad needs to watch his language while watching sporting events while the kids are awake! ;-)

Oh kids, it's always something!

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  1. Blaming it on Dad!? So funny! Happens to all of us!


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