Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Room sharing

Ever since we found out we were expecting again, we have been pondering zach and mark sharing a room. We have 4 bedrooms, so technically they could each have their own room, but we like having a guest room. Problem with it...will they bother ech other? Mark is a pretty good sleeper, but zach lately has had issues with monsters in his room and scared of the dark. And the thought of two up in the middle of the night does NOT sound appealing!

Anyone have room sharing advice or tips? Right now Mark is still in his crib too so not quite ready to move them anyway, but ready to make a plan!


  1. We have all three in one room and they love it. The only problem is that George is a chatterbox and can sometimes keep the older kids up at night.

  2. We have five bedrooms in our house and each kid has his own room (the nursery is ready for #4). They are all such different sleepers, I am terrified of them disturbing each other's routines. We considered having a couple of them share a room -- and philosophically this is what DH prefers -- but in the end, our deep commitment to us getting the most sleep we possibly can won out. ;)


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