Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ive been on a roll ever since I finished The Hunger Games trilogy...almost like I had forgotten how much I loved to read. It is good for the mind and soul. So here's what I have been reading the last month or so:

Emily Giffin's heart of the matter: good romantic-ish novel. Some difficult subject matter, but an easier read after the intensity of The Hunger Games!  (thanks theresa for the correction, you are right, it was NOT a light read) :) 

Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain. I've had this book on my Nook for like 2 years since I first got my nook! I finally read it and it was worth the wait. Sorta marley and me-esque...I laughed and cried. And was happy/sad when it ended. A very good read.

Lisa See's Dreams of Joy. so good! But ALL of Lisa's books are good. If you've never read any, start with her first, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. She uses some of the same characters in new stories. I have loved them all and this did not disappoint either. Interesting look into the Chinese culture and just a great novel!

Cathy Marie Buchanan's The Day the Falls Stood Still. I've had this on my list since I read about it in Barnes and noble recommends awhile back. It's a love story set in Niagra Falls in the early 1900s. I enjoyed some of the historical aspects of it and along with the love angle, the subject matter was just interesting!

Not sure what I'll read next. Our book club is reading The Little Princes so I may start that...or I have several Christian parenting books I've been wanting to read as well. So we shall see! I'll keep you posted! Have you read anything good lately??

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  1. You thought Heart of the Matter was light??? Cheating is never light for me. I thought it was pretty intense. I'm not sure I'm going to make it through Hunger Games. I did hear about a book called 50 Shades of Gray, and apparently it is so steamy that your glasses will fog just reading it! I guess that doesn't really fit in with your Christian Parenting books, huh?


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