Saturday, March 24, 2012

It was good

But the book is definitely better! Too many details get left out that develop the characters more but just can't be fit in 2hrs and 20 minutes! It was still a really good movie though and I enjoyed it!

The midnight showing was quite an experience too. My friend and I met at 10pm for coffee and dessert. We got to theatre around 11 and already totally full. Only seats left were in bottom section in first and second rows. We were pondering going to a later show, but thankfully, someone pointed out 2 empty seats in about the 7th row and that was doable! There were a few scenes that the teeny boppers spoiled the mood with their oohs and ahhhs, but overall they weren't too bad. I still can't get over that they were all there though. My parents never would have let me go to a midnight show, especially on a school night. Some kids were there on their own, some groups with a mom or two, and evn some that were getting picked up t 2:30am! Craziness!

We had fun though and I would still recommend and want to see again...with a quieter audience! :)

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