Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 weeks and counting....

we decided to shell out the $80 to get the 16 week gender ultrasound....call me impatient, i know!  but the parents decided to spring for it so who was I to deny them in finding out early??  ;-)

Appointment will be March 15th @ 4:30pm.  I am placing my bet on boy, so who knows why I am finding out early but I digress....I am very excited nonetheless just to see this little one again.  Matt will finally be with me too so I am excited for him to get to see the baby too!

In other news....the stomach bug hit Matt and I over the weekend.  Ummm, being pregnant and not being able to take medicine=NOT COOL.  Also noted...Men are way worse patients then women.  Just sayin. (love ya honey!)  Finally feeling better today.  WHEW!  Thankfully we had Grammy Gram in town over the weekend and the boys LOVED having her here.  They wanted to play with her a lot which gave us a break....although I am sure she was exhausted by the time she was home.

Not much else new here.  I am 14 weeks now and now that the bug seems to have passed, I think I am on the way to feeling back to myself.  Ready to start eating right and exercising again.  I worked to hard to use pregnancy as an excuse to throw all those good habits out the window.  I also forgot to update, but I was able to get my Lifetime Weight Watcher status still.  My awesome leader dig some digging and turns out if you get pregnant while in maintenance, you can be awarded your LT membership immediately.  Yippee!  Totally made my day when I found out.

Hope you all are well.  Looking at my March calendar and a  lot going on.  Good thing I have my planner to attempt to keep me organized!  :)


  1. I was wondering about that change in the Lifetime thing. So glad you got that! You totally deserve it!!! So ridiculously proud of you!

  2. By the way, I hope it's a girl. I don't claim to have any psychic abilities, but I really, really hope it's a girl!

  3. So so so exciting! Congratulations to you guys! Happy to be able to finally say it as we have known since Christmas! Mary can't keep a secret! :). Looking forward to hearing Pink or Blue!

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